Water Damage

With the unpredictable nature of water intrusions, any property is susceptible to water damage - anytime. When you experience water damage to your home or business, minimizing down time and getting everything back to normal are your top priorities. It is important to contact us immediately so we can eliminate as much damage as possible. We are available 24/7.

In the U.S. over 1,000,000 structures are affected each year by water damage, resulting in over 3 billion dollars in insurance claims. Approximately 70% of all property damage claims are water related. The odds are 1 in 20 that your home will suffer a water damage claim this year. The leading causes of water damage are washing machines, icemakers, water heaters, toilets, broken pipes, faulty construction, accidents, ground water intrusion and river flooding.


Merles Steam Clean - Water Damage Restoration
Merles Steam Clean - Drying Water Damage 

Water damage can be a traumatic experience. Most people have no idea what to do when it happens. Carpet pad and sub-floors can remain wet for weeks or even months, even though they may feel dry on the surface. Any time a structure gets wet, health hazards increase substantially. Dormant mold and mildew spores germinate, bacteria begin to multiply and viruses become more active. A few days after the damage has taken place, the environment typically changes dramatically for the worse. People with allergies are the first to feel the negative effects of the increased fungi and bacteria, followed by senior citizens and children. Wet materials need complete drying and restoration quickly, or people can become sick. Response time is critical in reducing the risk of “sick building syndrome.” Only the professional restorer with specialized skills and equipment is prepared to deal with a water damage restoration properly and safely.

How do you avoid getting your feet wet in the first place? A few simple precautions can save you from the stress and expense of a flooded home: If your water heater is more than 12 years old, replace it. Periodically inspect washing machine hoses for wear or bubbles. Don’t skimp by buying the least expensive product when installing new supply lines to toilets or icemakers. Spending a few more dollars can save you a fortune. Wrap exposed pipes during periods of cold weather. Clean your gutters every fall. Clogged downspouts and foundation drains can cause ground water intrusion, which is rarely covered by insurance policies. Finally, if you are leaving town for more than a few days, turn the power to your water heater off, shut off the main water supply valve to your house and flush a toilet on the lowest floor to drain the system. Questions? Please call us….Advice is ALWAYS free! We are fully certified in Water Damage Restoration and Structural Drying.

  Emergency Checklist for Water Damage

  • As quickly as possible, eliminate the source of the water!

  • To minimize damage, discourage walking on wet carpet any more than necessary.

  • Turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas and remove any small electrical devices from those areas (if safe to do so.)

  • Pin up furniture skirts and hang draperies to avoid contact with wet floors, which helps to prevent watermarks.

  • Remove breakables, high-value items, books, paper goods, waste bins, potted plants, and any other items that may stain floor coverings.

  • If sewage related, prevent handling of any contaminated items and do not turn on fans, heating, or air conditioning units as it may spread the contamination.

We are a graduate of the American Drying Institute. This is the top school in North America for structural drying. 

The American Drying Institute instructs students how to speed up the process of drying structures to provide:

  • Better customer service

  • Faster file closings

  • Savings of up to 60% on water-related claims.

On 72% of our jobs, once the structure is dry, there is no other work to be done. The house is dry, the file is closed and the homeowner's life has returned to normal.